Studio Apartment — All You Need To Know

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Providing the comforts of a home clubbed with an array of extras, apartments have always been the most popular choice among all housing options. However since they are now wearing quite an expensive price tag, the concept of studio apartments, those with small floor plan and self-contained, is rapidly gaining popularity all across the globe.

A typical studio apartment is known to feature an area for sleeping, a living area and a kitchen area. The only separate room with a door in a studio apartment is the bathroom, which often contains a number of closets. If you do notice, barriers of walls or divisions are partially used. There are some studio apartments have no proper kitchen and the tenants get access to a common kitchen.


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Besides studio apartment, there is another type of apartment called one-bedroom apartment. On many real estate websites the terms are sometimes used interchangeably (our site was not an exception) even though there are critical differences between the two: Privacy, Space and Cost.

As you might guess, a basic one-bedroom apartment has a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom and a kitchen, all are separated by walls and doors which allow bigger living space and more privacy. Meanwhile, a studio apartment with small living space and no privacy enables the tenant to have a significant savings in terms of renting fee and utility bills (it costs less for the air-con that normally runs all day during summer and the entire unit may be illuminated with a single light placed in a strategic location).

In Saigon, many studio apartments built right in the city centre (District 1) on expat centre (District 2) are available for lease with the price starting from 400USD per month (mostly are serviced apartment, which is inclusive of utility bills and of provide all the hotel-like amenities such as maid service and reception or 24 hour customer service). You may want to check out some available studio apartments listed on Hoozing today.

  • H00428_400

    400 USD – 25 sqm – District 1

  • H00365_600

    600 USD – 36 sqm – District 1

  • H00632_450

    450 USD – 25 sqm – District 2

  • H00186_500

    500 USD – 32 sqm – District 2

  • H00623_320

    320 USD – 40 sqm – Binh Thanh

  • H00375_400

    400 USD – 35 sqm – Phu Nhuan

  • H00402_450

    450 USD – 30 sqm – Phu Nhuan

  • H00374_500

    500 USD – 45 sqm – Phu Nhuan

  • H00396_450

    450 USD – 35 sqm – Tan Binh

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