Refresh Your Apartment in the SPRING 2018

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It’s time to move forward with new beginnings in 2018, starting right at home. These tips to refresh your apartment will make you feel like you have a brand new one, without the expenses that come with moving.

Here are four tips for giving your apartment a new year’s makeover:

Make atmosphere cozier with simple things

Most of you may fall in love with having lights hung up in beadrooms. You may have heard of this season’s biggest lifestyle trend, hygge, which consists of making your home and yourself as cozy as humanly possible. Luckily, string lights are extremely hygge. Hanging some among or behind sheer curtains gives your room an instant cozy feel.

If you feel like getting a little more creative, you can hang string lights across your wall and use clothespins to hang some nicely spaced-out photos on them, or even bundle them up and put them inside a large jar to form a DIY light.

Fresh flowers and scented candles can transform a space’s scent profile

The day of a showing Yost adds fresh flowers to every room, as well as a scented candle near the entry or in the kitchen. For spring and summer, he likes Japanese Quince from Seda France; in colder weather, he likes Nest’s Moroccan Amber candle.

And in the fall and winter, he fills a saucepan halfway with water and adds two or three cinnamon sticks, a sliced orange, several star anise, and a handful of whole cloves. He puts it in the oven, covered, at 350-degrees for an hour.

Redecorate Your Balcony

A deck, a patio, a pergola, a roof terrace are all wonderful features to have but it’s usually the houses that get to offer them. Apartments, on the other hand, can usually only offer us balconies which are often too small to actually be compared with any of the other options. Nevertheless, these are plenty of ways in which even a small balcony can be relaxing and enjoyable.

For instance, a small table and a couple of chairs can transform a small open balcony into a relaxing retreat or a great place to enjoy your morning coffee. It’s not a lot but it’s comfy.

To create a warm and inviting ambiance, you can opt for parquet flooring for the balcony or at least you can use tiles that recreate that look.

In addition, put a small area rug there as well to make the balcony even cozier. And if you put there a small bench instead of individual chairs you can also add accent pillows and a seat cushion.

Address smelly fabrics, upholstery and rugs

If you’re hoping to get rid of smells, make sure you clean fabrics like drapes, throw pillows and zippered upholstery according to their cleaning instructions. Any rugs or carpeting should be professionally cleaned.

“Febreze is your best friend,” he said. “The only thing is it’s a little synthetic, and it can smell obvious, like you’re masking something.”

Since that’s a no-no in the world of open houses, he suggests using Febreze about two days before showings and then spraying a mix of water and essential oils, like lavender and lemongrass, on the day of an open house just before visitors arrive.

We have given you some simple ways to make your apartment great again but after all, you should do it based on your creativity and reach the maximum comfort and relaxation.


Source : Buzzfeed, Dnainfo

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