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How expats see and experience Vietnam after many years of living and working in the country always is such a curiosity for Vietnamese. Things that we take for granted, the pace of life and cultural traditions that we get used to since childhood become quite unique and interesting in the eyes of foreigner friends. Therefore once in a while, I find myself reading some random expat blog just to have a fresher view about my homeland.

If this is your first year in Vietnam, I guess you may also want to check out the following blogs where people share about their experiences living in Vietnam, and maybe get some inspiration to start writing on your own. Well it can be your first crossing the streets full of motorbike or drinking lemon tea on the street pavement at night.

1. Vietnam Coracle

The website created by Tom in 2012 is one of my most favourite. I came across his blog when trying to search if there is any green park nearby my apartment building for morning exercise.

As Tom put in the introduction, “Vietnam Coracle is a free online resource for independent travelers. My articles are extensive guides to food, drink, destinations, motorbike trips, and accommodation throughout the country. All my guides are 100% independent: written, researched, illustrated, and experienced by me”.

2. Hello Saigon

Insights on Saigon Apartments for Rent and District Guides

Hello Saigon!

Hello Saigon is an attempt by a 6-year resident to make sense of the beauty and quirks of this lovely and vibrant city that is Saigon. Her name is Lyra and I personally find her writing warm and friendly.

3. Saigonist

Expats' blog

A Vietnam blog written by Tomo, an expat writing about technology, entrepreneurship, software currently living and traveling in Saigon, Vietnam. One of his blog posts “Finding affordable housing in Vietnam” was introduced on our Facebook before.

4. Expat Diary

Jeanne Henriques has lived in Saigon for over three years. During that time, she has “collected business cards, travel books, written notes, picked up recommendations and the list goes on”. Expat Diary is a place for her to share the love…for Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon.

5. Crapulence

Several months ago when I was researching for a good article about Pho to share with my Russian friend, I came across Calvin Godfrey’s article on Lucky Peach. So, impressed with his writing, I googled his name and found Savor Saigon (custom food tours) and the Tumblr Crapulence where he shares words and thoughts about life.

6. The City That Never Sleeps In

Well you don’t need to remind me about Hanoi blogs, as here comes my favorite one The City That Never Sleeps In. Even though the author — Tabitha Carvan — left Hanoi already in the middle of 2012. Her blog remains as an inspiration for those who live and work in Vietnam’s capital. In the sidebar there are links to other popular Hanoi blogs as well.

Have some more interesting blogs, comment to let us know!

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