What is your definition of a good apartment?

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Everyday, you can easily see many beautiful apartment with an unique concept and a creative landscape when surfing websites, facebook or instagram,.. All of which some readers love and some readers could disregard.

The first two things that probably comes to mind when you think of your best apartment are esthetic and space. Particularly, that apartment must have a beautiful landscape or at least a wide space to offer you a friendly and comfortable environment.

Vinhomes Central Park Project – Binh Thanh District

Vinhomes Central Park Project – Binh Thanh District

Gold View Project – District 4

The esthetic of an apartment has to be based on its design as well as decoration. But firstly, we are going to talk about design. It can be simple, but have a profound effect. According to Apartment Therapy, the successful design is any design that provokes an emotion or deeper study of the subject matter. If the design has an intended practical use, then we expect good design to have superior functionality. On the other hand, decoration also plays a important role in giving you a different viewpoint of an apartment, particularly it can change your apartment design positively or negatively.

Sunrise City Project – District 7

Vinhomes Central Park Project – Binh Thanh District

Gold View Project – Near District 4

Though there are many things that will impact on your decision when renting an apartment, such as view, balcony, convinience and etc. And your feeling and your family’s feeling are the most important factor you must care about because an beautiful or spacious apartment has no meaning if it can not make you and your family feel like a real home.

Source : Apartment Therapy, The Spruce

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