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Bao and his wife moved to HCMC from the Netherlands to work for an International School in District 2. They signed one-year contract with a serviced apartment in Thao Dien and were very happy with their new home until they decided to adopt two kittens from a shelter.

Even though their rental contract didn’t include any pet policy, the landlord himself disapproved of having cats or dogs in the apartment building. Bao was therefore in a rush situation to find a new tenant so that he could break the contract and safely get back 100% of his deposit.

As a member of expat community, he had seen Hoozing’s advertisement on Facebook several times before he decided to turn to the company for help. In less than two weeks, our executives supported him to find a new apartment to move in.

“The great thing about Hoozing is that you provide very high quality photos and detailed information about the listing, which makes it easy for people to search for their dream houses”.

At the same time, we took professional photos of his previous rental place and guided him to upload the listing to our website. There were some mis-communications and technical problems that happened during the process but we managed to sort them out thanks to the his prompt and constructive feedbacks.

Bao’s listing after approval, was available online, and was promoted for more than one week on Hoozing’s website and Facebook, targeting expats who are searching for an apartment in District 2 area. There were 4 — 5 people initiated conversations with him on chat system to arrange house visits and finally Simon  decided to sign the contract.

In review of his experience, one of our executives asked Bao if there was any inconvenience caused when he needed to show the house to people and we were very glad to know that the process went very smoothly and he would want to recommend Hoozing to other friends in the network.

Starting from March 2016, Hoozing helps tenants who want to terminate their rental contract find new tenants to replace them. The service is completely free of charge at the moment. For more information please inbox Hoozing on our fan-page or chat directly with our executive on

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