Apartment balcony decorating ideas

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Most apartments have balconies and a lot of people don’t pay that much attention in designing their balconies at all. What you should consider is that you can design your balconies without having to spend much more than you already have. It doesn’t even take that much effort to make your balcony look good. If you look at pictures online for reference you might feel at loss since you think you won’t be able to replicate the design; don’t give up just yet. You’ll be surprised to find that there are plenty of hacks when it comes to interior and exterior decoration of your home.

So what’s the first thing you should consider when decorating your balcony? Why not start with the bare wall? Here are some ideas for you to decorate the balcony:


Add more spice to your balcony by transforming your boring balcony chair into a fun and elegant looking sing. Decorate the balcony edge with colorful potted plants to give out an air of coziness.

If you happen to have a generous collection of scented candles, you might want to show them off on your balcony. Put up a mini shelf above here you can place all your candles which aren’t only there for lighting but can also serve as attractive pieces of décor.

A balcony is the perfect place for book lovers to kick back and dive into the world of imagination. Decorate your balcony with tiny bookshelves and paint it in light colors so that the natural daylight can easily enter and illuminate the place.

If you’re using your balcony as your wash room there is no excuse in not decorating it. Add special pieces of potted plants that can help in air circulation and server as design as well. You can even customize your sink to blend in the wooden themed environment.

Who said color coded pebbles were only for front and backyards? If you feel like you want your balcony to look more natural, don’t hesitate to pile up smooth pebbles that can also serve as your outdoor doormat on the balcony.

Hammocks aren’t only for the beach; you can get them for your balcony as well. Give the beach feeling to your balcony and tie a colorful beach hammock outside with native decorative furniture to go with it.

If you want to have an airy balcony, adding a variety of potted plants can help you with this problem. Choose green plants that can give off a decent amount of oxygen and at the same time look petite and pretty against your balcony walls.

Your balcony kitchen shouldn’t look like a drab. Add a little accent of the pacific by adding shell themed mini chandeliers or even mini lamps to increase the accent.

Make use of that extra space in your balcony by placing scented candles, potted plants and flowers. This makes your balcony look good and at the same time gives a homey feel to your apartment.

Give a close-to-country look for your balcony. You can do this by adding an authentic wooden fence and framing it with pretty potted plants. Finish the décor with a very comfortable chair and carpet in the middle.

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