[Interactive Map] 59 Flooding Spots in Ho Chi Minh City

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When we were writing the guide “Surviving in Saigon During Monsoon Season” in June 2016, we took into consideration of heavy flooding that previously happened in Saigon. However we never expected that the the city would witness such a history downpour that brought the traffic to a complete halt.

Considered to be the Saigon’s biggest rainfall in 40 years, the heavy rain on Monday and Tuesday rendered the city’s drainage system almost useless. According to an official report from the city, many streets in the country’s most modern city were under up to 0.8 meter of water. Series of vehicles have broken down on the streets, forcing passers-by to push them along. Thousands of cars and motorbikes in basement parking lots were stuck. One of the worst things is that even the icon of Saigon – Bitexco Tower in District 1 has been submerged by the water.

Southern Vietnam is currently at the peak of the rainy season and heavy rains are expected to continue until November, according to the Southern Region Hydro-meteorological Station. Therefore those living in HCMC should brace for more chaos as there will be dark clouds ahead.

In this blog post, we just want to share with you an interactive map created by VnExpress, in which 59 flooding spots in 2016 are shown by districts. With this, you can plan your city commuting route better by avoid the heavy flooded streets and nearby areas. The red line indicates streets that are very prone to flooding, the blue line indicates streets that might be flooded when there is heavy rain.

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